“Cunningham Investigations was extremely professional on every level. From the initial phone call, asking every detail about my situation, keeping me calm, to the final report. The time line and details were exceptional. I had my suspicions and Cunningham Investigations provided me with everything I needed. I highly recommend their professionals services.”
— K Dempsey York, ME
“In the past few years I have had a few companies contact me via mail in regards to an insurance policy that my father had that was not given to the family. I was tired of dealing with them since they all had the same line and more importantly wanted their fee up front. I never agreed to giving my money away for something that couldn’t be guaranteed to me in writing. Then I was approached by Dana Cunningham of Cunningham Investigations. Dana told me that he could get me my late father’s insurance proceeds and that he would not be paid until I got my money. Truly now I felt like I was dealing with someone who meant business, because let’s face it Cunningham Investigations was willing to go to bat for me knowing there was no (Will) for my father and no beneficiaries listed on the policy, which to me made the job even more difficult. But in the end the proof was there in the check that I received when the policy amount was paid out. So yes, Cunningham Investigations can get it done for you like he did for me.”
— J Straus Burbank, CA